gallery/B2004 • Journey

JOURNEY • 2020


COUNTRY: Singapore



SYNOPSIS: A true story in the 1930s, of a young Taiwanese painter, Kuo Hsueh-Hu's struggles against all odds, to be finally recognized for his work, and later to become a very successful painter.


• Best Short-Animation

• Best Direction


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gallery/B2004 • Catch Me

CATCH ME • 2020

DIRECTOR: Beverly Zelaya Bustamante

COUNTRY: Honduras



SYNOPSIS: In a world where angels and demons coexist it’s the angels' responsibility keep lock the demons to avoid them to make harm. In this world, there is a special laboratory where demons are holds inside a capsule.

During one little angel first day of work in the lab, he releases a mischievous demon by mistake, the demon start doing disasters in the lab, now the angel needs to make the demon go back to the capsule to fix the situation. But this mischievous demon will not make his job easy.


• Best Short-Animation

gallery/b honduras
gallery/B2004 • At The Gym

AT THE GYM • 2019

DIRECTOR: Ga-young Bae

COUNTRY: South Korea



SYNOPSIS: A child goes to the play gym, imaging a happy playtime with the toy, but loses the toy while running away from the unfamiliar space. In turn, the child goes on an adventure looking for his toy.


• Best Short-Animation

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gallery/barciff • laurels • official selection
gallery/barciff • laurels • official selection
gallery/barciff • laurels • official selection