DIRECTOR: Florian Bardet




SYNOPSIS: A couple takes the road in search of the perfect place to bury their little dog, this long journey takes on the appearance of nightmare and reveals all the strangeness of their relationship. At the same time, a man is searching for his car, which has mysteriously disappeared. During his quest he meets strange characters who will plunge him into a feeling of deep loneliness at the edges of paranoia. At the same time another couple has decided to flee the comfort of the apartment to face, for a few weeks, the nature and its hardness to find the flame of desire back. Things are not going to go as they planned. As this psychological road-trip progresses along the provençals burning roads, the characters cross each other striking the heart of their lives.


• Best Feature Film


ADAM • 2020

DIRECTOR: Mario Šulina

COUNTRY: Croatia



SYNOPSIS: "ADAM" is the story of a father and son in post-war Croatia. The father, a true war hero, and the son, the only thing he has, are living in an unnamed Slavonian village in Croatia. Adam survived the hell of war and is suffering from PTSD, raising his son in his own way and doing his best to continue leading a dignified life. The villagers do not recognize that and consider him an eccentric, a non-social freak whose life they would like to examine. The suspicion of the locals causes Adam great trouble, and his endeavour to endure hardships, attacks on himself and his privacy soon culminates. 


• Best Feature Film


DIRECTOR: Oscar Salazar Crespo

COUNTRY: Bolivia



SYNOPSIS: Mariano Velasco is a young football player who takes a long and challenging path towards becoming a profesional player and becomes part of his favorite team “the “strongest football club”. This story paces forward fueled by the excitement and passion of soccer and the loving relationship between Mariano and his girlfriend Matilde. Suddenly the Chaco war is declared, sports tournaments are suspended throughout the country. The “strongest football club’s” president and board summon the teams players fans and partners to a meeting where 600 men volunteer to defend their country. The victory that they were denied on the pitch, was granted to them on the battlefield Changing the very course of the Chaco war, many died, finally finding all the glory they were seeking. Strong is a movie that takes place in the 1930s it poetically presents the best of an entire generation, that chose to trade jerseys for uniforms, soccer balls for a rifles, and in many cases life for death; this movie breaks all barriers through common and relatable themes like love football and war.


• Best Feature Film