DIRECTOR: Dénes Németh

COUNTRY: Hungary



SYNOPSIS: Heni is a 20 year old girl with many talents. She sings, draws, writes poems and plays the guitar. But she has an unusual mental illness: she has dissociative identity disorder. She’s got 4 distinct personalities living in her body. She has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital after trying to commit suicide. The documentary is about her everyday life in the institution as she struggles to face her past and cope with her illness. It’s also about her capricious relationship with the filmmaker who tries to understand her, reveal her secret past and finish the documentary. But things take a bad turn.


• Best Featurette


GOIAT • 2019

DIRECTOR: Jordi Prieto Lafuente




SYNOPSIS: Pere and Mar leave their hometown with the intention of starting a free life in the Pyrenees. They find a job in the Vall d'Aran as a sheep shepherds and with the order to reduce the bear attacks on cattle. Isolated in their cabin, the couple witnesses, through news that they reach the phone, how the native population opposes the policies of re-introduction of the brown bear in the Pyrinees by the European Union.


• Best Featurette


DIRECTOR: Jackie R. Bala




SYNOPSIS: Manya being a thrown-child has a dream to build his own house and also been kept by Old-aged child kidnapper named Baba. Manya to hide his real identity put on a painted face of ‘Joker’ because that face used to attract the children, through this he used to help Baba by providing minors. One night Manya had an encounter with Lily being an Autistic, which drastically changes his life as he finds that Lily is pregnant. However, he starts imagining about his own house by abducting Lily’s infant of a few hours. Hastily he passes on this message to Baba and gets an idea of getting a good amount behind him. Eventually, Manya transfigures by spending time with Lily but this creates angst between Baba and Manya.


• Best Featurette