GRIOT • 2020

DIRECTOR: Pedro Dantas




SYNOPSIS: Griot: Storyteller, who does it as a poet. It is a living expression of popular culture. Who must also have the ability to improvise about current events. Afro tradition inherited by Afro-Brazilian culture. This audiovisual essay is based on orality, recorded with poets from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco, who express resistance, wisdom and criticism in the face of episodes of contemporary Brazilian history.


• Best Featurette



DIRECTOR: Gabriela Gyr

COUNTRY: Switzerland



SYNOPSIS: In 2000 Zeliha decides to move to the forbidden zone in the middle of Turkey. On the ruins of her parents' house, the 42-year-old woman builds a shelter and begins to live there. Little by little we learn about this meaningful place. We get to know Zeliha's grandfather, Seyit Riza. As a respected tribal leader he failed to save his people from death and expropriation in 1938. Since then, the descendants have had a hard time. Only recently, the land registry office has begun to arbitrarily transfer entire tracts of land to foreigners. Zeliha is also affected. But when she finds an old tax voucher that was given to her grandfather, she hopes to prevent the imminent expropriation of land. By refusing to give up her homeland, Zeliha establishes for herself the self-respect that she has to regain for her people, her family and for herself as a human being and woman again and again. Doing so, her self-built house becomes the embodiment of her mission.


• Best Featurette