DIRECTOR: Erkan Lüleci

COUNTRY: Germany



SYNOPSIS: A programmer is commissioned to virtually bring a deceased woman back to life. Soon he falls in love with her. When this is revealed, he has to make fast decisions.


• Best Featurette


VICTORIA, 15 • 2020

DIRECTOR: Mina Petrović




SYNOPSIS: Victoria (15) is a heavy metal drummer from Smederevo, a small town in Serbia. Her interests and ambitions reach their true potential when she expresses herself through Rock Camp for Girls in 2017.

Even though she made many friends there, the Camp prepares a big surprise for her in summer of 2019, which results in an international collaboration abroad. After all that, she has to come back to her hometown because of the new school year, which leaves her a bit broken. But the thoughts of her experience on Iceland give her motivation to continue with drumming, along with attending school and other regular activities in her hometown.


• Best Featurette


DIRECTOR: Claudio Maurici




SYNOPSIS: Salka was born as a refugee in the Sahara desert, and grew up in Italy by chance: she was one of the so-called "Little Peace Ambassadors".

Sahrawis have been sending to Europe their children for decades, to show the world the injustice they suffer. A 2700 km long mined wall across the desert, and there's no mention of it even in UN resolutions on Western Sahara. This former spanish colony, just in front of Canary Islands, is occupied by Morocco since 1975. In 2011 I spent 5 weeks in the Sahrawi refugee camps near Tindouf, outer south-west of Algeria.

This is where the Sahrawi's escape from their war-devastated land stopped, though none of them imagined they would stay there so long. When I met Salka, her foster italian mother Carmen and her mother Aisha, I had finally found what I had been looking for: state of rest began to take shape.

Neither Salka nor I were born when it all began. Western Sahara has been occupied by Morocco and plundered by many others for over 40 years.


• Best Featurette